Dental implants are preferred by many patients over other options because they function, appear, and act like natural teeth. Options such as dentures are generally loose and can move around, though dentures can be helped by dental implants, allowing them to “snap” into place with minimal movement. What are some of the other top reasons to choose dental implants?

1. dental implants are similar to natural teeth

Dental implants, in fact, do act like natural teeth. This is especially true when a dental implant has a crown placed on it, such as in the case of someone who is missing a front tooth.

2. dental implants are the longest-lasting tooth replacements

It’s possible for dental implants to last for a lifetime! Some of our patients report that their dental implants have been successful for forty years and counting.

3. dental implants help to prevent bone loss

When dental implants are placed into the site of a missing tooth or multiple missing teeth, you can save your bone and stop it from disappearing or absorbing away.

4. dental implants are Safe for adjacent natural teeth

We take precautions to keep dental implants a safe distance (around one and a half to two millimeters) away from any adjacent teeth and their roots. This ensures that your dental implants are safe for the rest of your teeth.

5. dental implants are Easy to care for

Like natural teeth, dental implants should be brushed at least twice per day. We also advise the routine use of a water flosser (such as a Waterpik) and routine professional cleanings twice per year.