Guaranteed Tips to Make Flossing Easier

Let's face it. We floss because we have to... If that. That's why we want to share some tips and tricks to take the "have to" out of flossing and help you enjoy the benefits of quality oral health instead.

Buy a flossing product that is comfortable and works well for you. When you remember to take the time to floss but dislike the feeling of it, it's probably due to the type of floss you are using! Make things easier on yourself by finding a floss that is perhaps more gentle or has a flavor to it. Do you find floss picks more convenient? Stock up on those instead! 

Make it a habit by rewarding yourself.  Just by incorporating a minor reward after each floss, you can trick your brain into automating a routine. A suggestion for this might be to complete your favorite morning and evening routine tasks after you've finished flossing. If you enjoy the lather of your foamy face wash, think to use it as a reward for flossing!

Stash floss in a handy place you can remember to use it. Whether that is in your car or purse, find a place that you can quickly purge the remaining gunk out of your mouth that gum just won't rid your breath of. We also think that ultra clean feeling post-lunch helps you to be more productive at work! Designating a place that will allow you to remember to floss will take the chore aspect out of it. 

Set a reminder on your phone. Try this tip if you don't consider flossing to be a pain, rather a thing you just forget to do. Sure it's a simple suggestion, but have you actually thought to try this out? It can really be helpful and you'll thank yourself for setting it up! Create your own visual reminders and place them around your workplace and house if you don't have a smartphone. An eye-catching sticky note on your dresser could be just the thing you spot in the morning to remind yourself of the routine you wish to establish.