Dental Emergencies During Halloween

It’s that time of year where candy is abundant and hazardous to you and your children’s oral health. Be sure to schedule cleanings for you and the family during this season if you are due to have your regular checkup. If you’re wondering what kind of services we offer that will treat sticky situations, here are some exclusive ways Searcy Family Dental can help with dental emergencies during Halloween.

How Searcy Can Help With Dental Emergencies During Halloween:

Extended Hours

To accommodate every schedule and as many urgent appointments as possible, we open at 7 a.m. Monday-Friday and stay open until 7 p.m. on Tuesday and Thursday. Call us at (501) 299-9117 to request an appointment if you have a dental emergency.

Common Dental Emergencies

A dental emergency can be scary, especially when you really need a dentist. Learn how to treat common dental emergencies, like cracked or broken teeth, a chipped tooth, and tooth aches until you are able to see your dentist. Learn more about how to treat dental emergencies.

Dental Emergencies Guide

Want to learn more? Download our FREE Dental Emergencies Guide here.

Contact Searcy Family Dental

Simply, don’t be afraid to call us and inquire about your specific situation. We understand the real fears someone can have about going to the dentist and we help patients with this anxiety all the time. Searcy Family Dentistry is a name and community you can trust.

Convenience: A Dentistry for the Entire Family

We are a family dentistry! Which means if your child hasn’t had their first dental visit, we can assist with that. Let us be a one-stop shop for you and your entire family.