Cosmetic and Orthodontic Services

Did you know we offer some cosmetic dentistry and limited orthodontic services?

Cosmetic Services

Veneers. Years of smoking, drinking coffee and eating highly pigmented foods will take a toll on your teeth. That's where veneers can save the day. Veneers can treat enamel abrasion or enamel erosion and are mostly stain-resistant.

Whitening. If you need whitening for an upcoming event, this can be a good option. When you visit us for a professional cleaning as opposed to doing it yourself with an over-the-counter method, you reduce your risk of doing damage to your teeth.


Limited Orthodontics

Adjusting the position of teeth. Teeth shift even after the braces. If you grind your teeth and need some re-shaping, we are able to make slight adjustments for you in a way that will secure them in place.


Listen to Dr. Barker give all the details on some aspects of these services you may not be familiar with yet, and schedule your appointment today!